Modular Buildings

Why Choose Modular?

Where should we start? There are numerous reasons to build a modular home in today's market. Some of the key reasons are Value, Time, and Quality.

Buying a modular home from Phil Faison Homes means that you are getting a great value for your hard-earned money. Our homes are priced considerably lower than a similar "stick-built" home. Also, our homes have appraised much higher than the price paid, giving you instant equity.

Our homes are finished in about a third of the time that it would take to finish a similar home built on-site. Not only does this get you into your new home faster, but it will save you money by paying fewer construction loan payments.

The quality of modular homes is far superior to a home built on your site. True modular homes are built in a climate controlled environment using more lumber, better quality materials and more qualified laborers than similarly built "stick" homes. The materials are cut on precise machines and are inspected by quality assurance personnel throughout the building process. If the quality does not meet the inspectors approval, that part is taken apart and rebuilt. Also, if any part of the building is missed by the inspectors, the manufacturer guarantees their work and will send qualified service personnel to make it right.

There are many other reasons to consider building a modular home. Call us to set up an appointment today.